Micki can help you on your journey

While accompanying people on their healing journey, Micki uses a range of modalities including Havening Techniques®, Mindfulness, Art-as-Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Sensory Motor Psychotherapy, Dreamwork, Soulcollage® work.  She is also a Certified Havening® Practitioner.


Havening Techniques is a psycho-sensory method of therapy informed by current neuroscience. This deceptively simple but powerful technique is used to de-traumatize a memory and remove its negative effects from both psyche and body. Part of its protocol involves verbal distraction and applied or self-touch (commonly to hands, upper arms or face) to permanently change the brain and strengthen and empower mind and body. It also builds resilience and relaxation. See Havening.org: “Havening Techniques Better Living Through Neuroscience” for videos and further information.


Soulcollage, developed by Seena B. Frost in the 1980’s is an intuitive collage process for self-dscovery and community. “Discover your Wisdom and Change your World”. Draw on the ingredients of imagination, intuition and image to make one or a set of your own unique Soulcollage cards. You do not need to be an artist but may feel like one as you create cards which may reflect the world you live in or may introduce you to your own inner allies, guides and challengers as you delve more deeply into your soul work.

In the Soulcollage process you gather images from magazines or other sources, cut them out, paste them onto cards and then consult them. Shadow and Light, you assemble parts of your soul to discover your story and ways it weaves into the larger story of community and life.

In a safe, supportive, non-critical environment you will find a creative haven in Micki’s studio… or Micki can travel to your location and conduct a workshop in your workplace or home. She furnishes all materials for a Soulcollage gathering or workshop. This process is an exciting way to inspire creativity and to step aside from the outer world of busyness and stress for a few hours.

Jungian Art, Journaling and Dreams

For the past half century, Micki has worked with dreams, mentored and inspired by Jungian analysts, depth psychologists, revered dream specialists and her own personal work. This journey is woven into the tapestry and story of her life, supported by her Native American and Celtic lineages. She responds to and honors dreams by recording them, engaging dream figures in an active imagination process and collaging and painting them in ways that further inspire her and feed her dreams.

Ask Micki about working with art and dreams in this life transition or path.

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