Soul Collage Workshop

Our first workshop of 2023 will be held at Danyna Matlin’s beautiful and welcoming art studio here in Eldorado on Sunday, January 8, 2023 from 10am to 4pm. All materials furnished. Lunch provided. Cost $45. Limited to 8-10 people. Please contact Micki through this website or phone: 907-830-5715. Payment accepted by check, Square or PayPal.

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Micki — the artist

The dreams of the ancestors, theirs and mine, led me here. I listen and respond to the dreams with a visual prayer offering, poem or story. I always write down the vision or dream that delivered a piece of the symbolic, mysterious gift from beyond.

Artist Statement

The messages that come to me are steeped in and colored by the decades I have lived on this planet—in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and now Santa Fe. The images and urges arrive intuitively, sometimes filling in the gaps of legends, stories and life directions that I missed inheriting from my Iroquois (Oneida) lineage.

I often receive the messages as dreams and visions, a way of knowing that was punished out of my paternal relatives in the Indian schools. Gratefully, I receive the messages from my maternal Celtic side as well.

These messages are beyond interpretation. They remain mysterious. One visual rendering or one painting I make leads to another. As I look back, I see a common thread and know that the gifts are given to me with Grace, in Light and Love.

The images in the gallery are jumbled together. If a central theme exists, it comes from the words in a dream I had over forty years ago, and the Fellini-esque images from a dream in 1969.

A lot of celebration, joy and prayers are woven into the process of making the art. Fables, images and guidance show up in dreams and I respond as best I can, offering an image in return.


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