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Micki is a  Jungian Psychotherapist and artist with over 35 years experience who works compassionately and holistically to assist individuals with unburdening the impact of early and recent traumas, anxiety, stress, transitions, adverse life events  and life chaos.  While accompanying people on their healing journey, she uses a range of modalities including Havening Techniques®, Mindfulness, Art-as-Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Sensory Motor Psychotherapy,  Dreamwork, Soulcollage® work.  She is a certified EMDR therapist; EMDR Approved Consultant and Facilitator.  She is also a Certified Havening® Practitioner.

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CUTV Radio Interview with Micki, Part I

Santa Fe, NM – Micki Halloran MA LPC, LPCC is an exceptionally skilled Psychotherapist in private practice for over thirty five years with a specialty in helping people heal from trauma and early and recent adverse life events. She is an EMDR Certified Therapist, Consultant and EMDR Institute Facilitator. “Since I started utilizing EMDR with my … Continue reading CUTV Radio Interview with Micki, Part I

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